Frequently asked questions information page

1. In which country is GBL Europe located?
We are located in Lithuania.

2. How long is y-Butyrolacton (GBL) tenable?
If Gamma-Butyrolacton is kept in a sealed bottle for a maximum of 2 years. Important that the GBL not come in contact with the moist in the air.

3. Do you sell y-Butyrolacton (GBL) to private persons or foundations?Yes, we ship also to private customers and foundations.
To some countries we only ship to businesses for example The Netherlands.

4. Can i track and trace my order?
You will always receive a tracking code when we ship your order.

5. Is it possible to see if my payment went through?
You will receive an confirmation email as soon we receive your payment.

6. Do you have Nachname / CODYes but we only have Nachname/COD to European Countries.

7. y-Butyrolacton is very concentrated. Can I dilute it with water?Yes you can dilute GBL with a ratio of 1/5.
Note: Only dilute the amount you need to use becouse GBL diluted with water uses it’s cleaning powers after 4 hours.

8. How long will it take before my mail will be answered?We will respond to your email same day or always within 24 hours.

9. From what country does the Gamma-Butyrolacton (GBL) come?From China and BASF from Germany.

10. What shipping company do you use?We ship with Fedex, DHL, UPS or other when requested.

11. Can I pick up the goods by myself?For orders of 50 liters and more it is possible to pick up in our warehouse in Lithuania.
11. Do you deliver to Holland.Yes we deliver to businesses in Holland. But we need some documents first. Please write an e-mail to compliance@cleanandsolve.com