Rust removal can be a lot of work

When metal is unprotected it is very vulnerable to rust. Rust removal from metal can be a harsh and difficult task. Our advice is when rust on metal begins to develop, it is advisable to get this of as early as possible. Gamma-butyrolactone can when applied at an early stage be very effective in easy rust removal from metal. When you’re too late to start with the rust removal on metal it will be harder and can permanently damage the metal. This can cost you a lot of money is some cases. Happily with this cleaner, rust removal and stains on metal are relatively simple to remove. Firstly for effective rust removal, its needed to put some gamma-butyrolactone  on the piece of metal, where rust formed of is starting to spread. Leave it for sixty minutes on there and then wipe with a dry cloth or paper towel the rust of the metal off. Remember you make sure that there are no gamma-butyrolactone residues left on the metal. It is advisable to exercise extreme caution to prevent corrosion in metal. Removing rust at an early stage can save a lot of effort and also money. If the rust had bin to long on the metal, could be that rust removal is not longer possible. Then the metal is to severely damaged. Gamma-butyrolactone is one of the safest alternatives to remove your stubborn stains. It’s:

  • – Non Toxic.
  • – Not flammable.
  • – Miscible with water.
  • – Biodegradable.
  • – Non-aggressive for the skin, wear rubber (rubber) gloves recommended!

Removes oil, ink, paint, varnish and oil stains on smooth surfaces. R22 – Harmful if swallowed. R36 – Irritating to eyes. S39 – Wear face / eye protection. S26 – with eyes: Immediately flush eyes with plenty of water and seek medical advice. S45 – In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately (if possible show label.)

  • Do not use in combination with other cleaning products!
  • Keep in a tightly closed container in a cool, dry place away from sources of ignition.
  • In connection with the biodegradability of Gamma butyrolactone in water, we advise you to get the necessary working solution brief to prepare in advance and consume it. Within days this solvent will be converted to water over a prolonged period of time for the most part and is broken down so that the cleaning effect is lost.