Removal of graffiti with gamma-butyrolactone

Some see graffiti as an art form, others have the worst disliking for it as it is sprayed on walls or other surfaces. There is also the need to removing al this graffiti and this isn’t easy and is often solved by a professional company that is using Gamma-butyrolactone ( GBL ) to solve the paint and rinse with water . If you have a business and want to take matters into your own hands or if you have a graffiti removing business its possible to place your order with GBL Europe.   Here you can read below how to use gamma-butyrolactone ( GBL ) as a graffiti remover and remove graffiti or other paints or ink on your surface.   Removing Graffiti let it soak. Least 30 minutes Mixing ratio of 1 to 0.5 water. Always try out a little test on the substrate out of sight! After you finished solving the paint with gamma-butyrolactone ( GBL ) use high pressure spray with warm or cold water. Gamma-butyrolactone ( GBL ) acts as the best cleaning agent when used for the removal of graffiti, it removes all sorts of types of graffiti without causing damage to the most types of surfaces or the environment! GBL is non-flammable, Non-toxic, Water Soluble and biodegradable.   Click on the download link below or the picture to see our MSDS for Gamma-butyrolactone.


Material Safety Data Sheet Gamma-butyrolactone ( GBL )

GBL is one of the safest alternatives to remove your stubborn stains.


  • – Non Toxic.
  • – Not flammable.
  • – Miscible with water.
  • – Biodegradable.
  • – Non-aggressive for the skin, wear rubber (rubber) gloves recommended!

Removes oil, ink, paint, varnish and oil stains on smooth surfaces.

R22 – Harmful if swallowed.

R36 – Irritating to eyes.

S39 – Wear face / eye protection.

S26 – with eyes: Immediately flush eyes with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

S45 – In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately (if possible show label.)

  • Do not use in combination with other cleaning products!
  • Keep in a tightly closed container in a cool, dry place away from sources of ignition.
  • In connection with the biodegradability of GBL in water, we advise you to get the necessary working solution brief to prepare in advance and consume it. Within days GBL will be converted to water over a prolonged period of time for the most part and is broken down so that the cleaning effect is lost.